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fever_to_sell's Journal

Fever to sell
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Fever_To_Sell is a community maintained by stopwatch_heart, intended for the purpose of community-based selling/buying. Anything (legal) can be sold here, whether it be DIY, personal goods, or web services. Anyone may join this community and buy or sell things, but there are a few rules to abide by in the process:

1. You may not advertise other selling communities here. If you want to post the links to other auction communities that you have cross-posted to, that is fine, but please do not spam FTS with posts concerning other communities.

2. Be honest. If you engage in the buying or selling of anything here, please do hold up your end of the bargain. My purpose in making this community was to provide a place where people could deal safely and without the worry of being scammed. Please help us make FTS a better place by being a good Buyer/Trader/Seller.

3. If your post contains a great deal of pictures or even text, please post it under a cut. It's perfectly fine to have a preview picture outside of a cut, but please make sure that the photo is not ridiculously large or a burden to those with a slower connection. I ask this in favor of those who have this community friended, since we wouldn't want to stretch out the tables.

4. Be patient. Before you begin to post complaints about other buyers or sellers, please give them a decent amount of time to complete their end of the transaction. Nobody here is perfect, so be lieniant with others.

As the community grows, I would like to establish a list of Good and Bad dealers, so I will go ahead and post the requirements for being on either list:

Good Dealer: To be on this list, you must have completed at -least- 3 successful deals -- whether they be selling, buying, or trading -- and must have recommendations from the participants from all three deals. Once you have completed the above, you may make a post requesting to be on the Good Dealer list, and your three referrals must comment with a positive statement regarding their dealings with you. After this is done, you will be placed on the Good Dealer List.

Bad Dealer: In order to have someone placed on this list, a post must be made by the offended party, only after a considerable amount of time has passed and they have attempted to establish communication with this person. This post must contain the details of the sour transaction and any bit of evidence that can possibly be gathered against the offending party. After I review the plea, I will place this person on the Bad Dealer list along with their IP address, and will ban them from the community. If this person resurfaces again under a different name, members will be able to recognize them and notify me of their reappearance. In order to be removed from this list, the user must comment under their accusing party's post, explaining the miscommunication/error. All of this will be taken into consideration and I will decide whether or not they stay on the list.